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OE-LIC First picture from Lemnos in the database. Note the arresting gear cable which is used to catch F4 Phantom jets. (mehr von OE-LIC)
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YK-AYF Onboard of flight 112 from Halab asch-Schahba to Dimashq. (mehr von YK-AYF)
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Approaching Palma on a nice&warm summer day. Perfect for a nice bath in the Mediterranean Sea, when work is done.
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D-ABDB PMI Overview - This picture is dedicated to the crews of AB4741 and AB9749, thanks guys for two very nice flights with you. (mehr von D-ABDB)
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EI-CSN Its still amazing. Ryanair does operate the STN route for 5 days and started with 2 daily flights. As an incredible result the Airplane had been fully booked!! Awesome that there had been 23!! no-show passengers. So you now know how uncle Michael is doeing his money. :) (mehr von EI-CSN)
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EI-COB The end of a very nice flight. Big thanks to Captain Connor and F/O Shea. (mehr von EI-COB)
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D-ABAS Oh Guys, iam so sorry for having only her hands on the picture. I was really shocked when i entered the flight deck, she looked like a topmodel, probably the beautifulst F/O i have ever met. Iam sure everybody wants to fly on her. :) (mehr von D-ABAS)
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LY-AGT Yeah, i made it. I searched very well in the database, but i couldnt find any cockpit picture of a Tupolev 204C! So i will be the lucky guy who can present you the first one. :) The latest picture of a TU204 is also 2 Years old, so here you have a new one. (mehr von LY-AGT)
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D-BLEJ Enroute @FL220 - This picture is dedicated to my friend Roger Hohl from Intersky. Thanks Roger for supporting. (mehr von D-BLEJ)
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D-AHIA The flight Luxor-Hurghada was so low. The seight was so great. I will never forget it. Its Desert, but its wonderful. (mehr von D-AHIA)
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D-ALTD Aircraft with 137 Pax not full, because of TUI charter flight, European Comfort class wasnt able to book. (mehr von D-ALTD)
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D-AHIA Thanks for a nice flight into the sun. (mehr von D-AHIA)


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TF-ARR This Aircraft crashed today in SHJ (07.11.2004). (mehr von TF-ARR)
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HB-IXQ Captain is getting retired. Looks nice. (mehr von HB-IXQ)
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D-AGPG After a short flight from Zurich to Hannover. Great Thanks to the really nice Helvetia Express Crew. (mehr von D-AGPG)
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HB-JAS From Zurich with 10 Passengers onboard. (mehr von HB-JAS)
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HB-IXR Shortly before Takeoff. Great thanks to the Crew of LX1071 (mehr von HB-IXR)
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HB-JMH 6 Hours before its first flight for Swiss, The floor is safed by plastic. Hurry up ;). Great Thanks to Zurich Airport. (mehr von HB-JMH)
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HB-JMH If you ever had bought a new car, than you can imagine the smell of this newest A340-300 for Swiss. Picture taken 6 Hours before its first flight for Swiss. (mehr von HB-JMH)