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A9C-BAX Rare visitor here in the UK, in for maintenance (mehr von A9C-BAX)
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A9C-BAX That day we flew with sister ship A9C-BAW as BN 323 to Dubai. This was my first flight at which the meal and drinks were distributed already before rolling to the Runway for take off. (mehr von A9C-BAX)


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F-WWDP Born 1 year ago, Bahrain Air add a 5th Airbus to its fleet, of which a 3rd A320 A9C-BAV (mehr von F-WWDP)
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F-WWDP c/n 3861. 1st A320 bought from the manufacturer Airbus with the small modification of place of the titles as their A319. Will be registered A9C-BAV (mehr von F-WWDP)