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SE-HII is bringing tourists to Skierffe, one of Europe's most scenic viewpoints, normally a two day walk away from the next road. (mehr von SE-HII)
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PN-112 I was very lucky to see this one. I remember seeing this Bell many times from the window of my home near SEQU when I was 11 years old and just started planespotting. Now, I got a photo of it up close while having maintenance at the Aeropolicial of Guayaquil. It has been there for more than half a year, hope to get a photo of it flying too someday. Ex HC-BUQ. (mehr von PN-112)
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HI771 HI771 before touchdown in Helidosa Heliport after flight from Samana, Dominican Republic. (mehr von HI771)
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D-4093 c/n 32 (MS) Ex: I-PUSC, Ex: HA-4043 (mehr von D-4093)
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N726H Shot was taken during our Doors-Off Flight above NYC. You can see N726H performing another Flight above NYC and the Statue of Liberty. Was lucky enough to catch this motive. (mehr von N726H)
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N207MH shortly before boarding our Doors-Off Flight above NYC. (mehr von N207MH)


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