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990 The AH-1 Cobra is an awe inspiring helicopter and one that strikes fear into the hearts of the enemy. Used in vietnam for close air support the cobra was proved to be an exceptional helicopter. With a top speed of 141MpH it was the fastest helicopter of it`s time and the most dangerous with it`s 20mm cannon and wing mounted rocket pods, empty it weights in at a pettite 6,500LB. It`s take off weight is nearly twice that allowing it to carry more weapons the any other helicopter at the time. The Cobra is now being phased out for the new generation of attack helicopters like the apache.
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76-22599 Closeup of the AH-1 just before her airshow demo. (mehr von 76-22599)
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5643 A very rare 'Sand Shark' colorscheme, helicopter just returned from the Gulf War.