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YU-BMH Cockpit view of the last airworthy Airtruk in Europe. (mehr von YU-BMH)
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ZK-NME Approaching the very narrow runway. (mehr von ZK-NME)
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D-AFKE Stuttgart airport was closed several hours due to this Fokker 100 accident, which landed without a completely extended landing gear. (mehr von D-AFKE)
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C-GHJP Caught in the very moment of getting airborne. (mehr von C-GHJP)
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D-AHXC A Tuifly Boeing 737 is approaching Stuttgart during the "Flammende Sterne" fireworks. (mehr von D-AHXC)
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G-BLDV c/n 2179. Flying the worlds shortest commercial service from Westray to Papa Westray. Scheduled flight time is just 2 minutes. (mehr von G-BLDV)
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G-BWWI 5 Super Pumas in one picture. G-TIGC and three others are visible in the background. (mehr von G-BWWI)
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G-BLDV c/n 2179. ex D-INEY. Built in 1984. After completing the worlds shortest commercial service (as outlined in the Guinness World Records) from Westray to Papa Westray, wearing the new Highland Park livery. Scheduled flight time is just 2 minutes, our flight was only 1:25 due to strong tailwind. (mehr von G-BLDV)
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G-SASB c/n 0151. Built in 2000. A very rare opportunity to see a Helicopter departing the heliport at Castlebay on the small island of Barra. (mehr von G-SASB)
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Stuttgart Airport Terminal with fireworks in te background.
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D-ABXP Facelift of the good old 737. Cockpit section seen here without the characteristic eyebrow windows which will soon be replaced on all Lufthansa Boeing 737. (mehr von D-ABXP)
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Seen from above.
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D-IEXB Cockpit of the last Beech 99 freighter in Europe. (mehr von D-IEXB)
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D-IEXB Inside a Beech 99. (mehr von D-IEXB)
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UK87996 This Yak is parked engineless, awaiting an uncertain future. (mehr von UK87996)
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UK91106 A rare type flying scheduled passenger services in Uzbekistan. (mehr von UK91106)
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Termiz airport terminal at the border city with Afghanistan. Termiz is also the base for the German Air Force C-160 operating in Afghanistan.
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UK85600 One of the last active Tu-154 B-2 in the world. Ex Presidential aircraft of Uzbekistan. (mehr von UK85600)
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D-IEDO Extreme dive with a sinkrate of more than 6000 fpm after dropping a load of parachute jumpers over Wiener Neustadt. Note the mirror showing the pilot in the lower right hand corner. (mehr von D-IEDO)