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VH-ITV c/n U20606196. Tribute to Brian Naylor who was killed in the Victorian Bushfires on 7th of Feb 2009. Brian was the 1st owner of VH-ITV from 1981 till 1985. R.I.P to all killed in the Vic Bushfires. (mehr von VH-ITV)
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VH-CWP New Rego in the database, This new chopper (s/n 4176) owned by Customs Australia making a test flight at Redcliffe. (mehr von VH-CWP)
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PH-EXR (c/n 11135) with its test rego just back from flying before the rain, became PH-ZBT, G-JCWW, F-GDFD, EP-PBI, F-GDFD, EP-ASE (mehr von PH-EXR)
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PH-EXS (c/n 11129) Taxing out from Fokker with its test rego for a test flight, became PK-GFT (mehr von PH-EXS)
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PH-EXS (c/n 11181) with its test rego back from flying, became N109, N109UR, N498US (mehr von PH-EXS)
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VH-WCQ (3195) Having a drink from a dam along Oakey Flat Road in Morayfield, before helping out with a local fire. (mehr von VH-WCQ)
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VH-RTA Part of the Barnstormers over Brisbane 17 aircraft formation, to celebrate the 75th and 60th Anniversaries of the Tiger and Chippie. Thanks to all the pilots, Great job. (mehr von VH-RTA)
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VH-BVG c/n 21064019 just out the Alchemy Aviation paint shop. (mehr von VH-BVG)
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DQ-AYL c/n 1164. ex VH-MBA RP-C864 came out the Alchemy Aviation paint shop in full Yaukuve c/s. Also see photo of VH-MBA. (mehr von DQ-AYL)
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VH-DJW This is a ex CAF OH-58A (136219) which became VH-ODI last December and now VH-DJW. Just love the art work on it. (mehr von VH-DJW)
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VH-YXI This warbird looks great in the new c/s, which was painted by Alchemy Aviation at Caboolture (mehr von VH-YXI)
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VH-AFR c/n 172S8618. This is VH-AFR when it arrived as N507ER at Alchemy Aviation. Also checkout the photo of it in new c/s. (mehr von VH-AFR)


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VH-AFR c/n 172S8618. This new Australian 172, just rolled out the Alchemy Aviation paint shop. It was N507ER and is the 9th VH-AFR (mehr von VH-AFR)
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VH-HWA c/n 3916. The new Channel Nine (Melbourne) chopper has 3 cameras on board. (mehr von VH-HWA)
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VH-HWA c/n 3916. Today the new Channel Nine (Melbourne) made its 1st Flight. (mehr von VH-HWA)
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VH-HTV Channel 9 (Brisbane) new toy, doing its 1st engine runs. Note this is VH-HTV(2) (mehr von VH-HTV)
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LN-KLT This Convair was parked along the Highway near the airport for a few years, before it was Broken up. (mehr von LN-KLT)
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VH-WLF (2921757) This Cessna from 1957 was 9V-BAB, But now can be seen in most Air Rally around Australia. Take care Wolfie. (mehr von VH-WLF)
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VH-LVA c/n GA-8-05-079. This new Airvan was at Redcliffe for a Demo Flight, for the Local Para Club. (mehr von VH-LVA)
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PH-NIV (cn 10101) A tribute to the 1st Fokker Friendship, which first flew fifty years ago on 24 November 1955. (mehr von PH-NIV)
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VH-RAQ This brand new 172S is the 1st of two 172S for the Redcliffe Aero Club. Flying is Great at Redcliffe (mehr von VH-RAQ)
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VH-ITV This great looking 206 seen flying along Bribie Island, just North of Brisbane. (mehr von VH-ITV)
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VH-RSP Chipmunks just look great in RAF c/s, This one is WG357 (mehr von VH-RSP)
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VH-SHX Chipmunks just look great in RAF c/s, This one is WP981 (mehr von VH-SHX)
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VH-CHN This great looking Stinson came formation flying with us. This a real ex USAF aircraft. (mehr von VH-CHN)