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N44906 Scan from a k-64 slide. Biegert Aviation colors, no title. (mehr von N44906)
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N44910 The only time you can use a drone to take pics of airplanes safely is when is an abandoned airfield...Chandler Memorial! DC-4 heaven (mehr von N44910)
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N44910 dead plane on a dead airfield - thats left of Biegert Aviations Douglas DC-4/C-54. (mehr von N44910)
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N44910 that are the remaining 4 DC4 of Biegert Avt, which have been stored for decades here in Arizona (mehr von N44910)
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N44910 Some parts missing..Ex United States Navy 56493. C/N 10601/332 (mehr von N44910)


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This DC-4 is intended to be put back into flying condition in a few years time - it's a former Berlin Airlift DC-4 by the way
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Great plane - the radome doesn't look too good however...but I guess after 10 years of 'storage' in the hot desert sun I wouldn't look much better either
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If only the fuel for these propliners would be cheaper...
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Former USAF DC-4 saw service in WWII and the Vietnam War - this plane carried Agent Orange and you could still smell it after all these years and I was advised not to stay in there too long...