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VT-BDQ Vision XI on short final for Rwy 01R at NSCBIA as it arrives in the morning as BZ102 from Delhi. Six of the type makes up Blue Dart’s fleet. This aircraft started its service as a Boeing 757-28A with Icelandair. After passing through several airlines, she was converted to a freighter by Precision Conversions in 2013. She has retained her quiet and efficient 189.2 kN Rolls Royce RB211-535E4 turbofans through the conversion. (mehr von VT-BDQ)
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VT-BDK Vision VII is one of five 757s in the fleet and was delivered new to British Airways as G-BMRI in February 1989, before changing to EAT as OO-DPL in March 2003. (mehr von VT-BDK)
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VT-BDI 5.30am - Outbound domestic cargo awakening the entire neighbourhood with her loudmouth JT8Ds! (mehr von VT-BDI)
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VT-BDH Nice suprise to be so close before boarding my flight (mehr von VT-BDH)
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OO-DPL nice surprise on the DHL flight, new reg was overtaped VT-BDK (mehr von OO-DPL)