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SX-CBG Mount Menalon, the former Wiesbaden, which was in service with Lufthansa as D-ABKJ until February 1990, seen here a few month later still with Lufthansa cheatline. Clearly visible also the place, where the Wiesbaden city coat of arms and townname was painted (mehr von SX-CBG)
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D-ABLI The Ludwigshafen, seen here with promotion sticker for the UEFA 1988 European Football Championship in Germany, after push back from its Terminal A gate position in front of hangar 5. In January 1990 D-ABLI was sold to a leasing company, new operator was Pan American World Airways, registered as N358PA , named Clipper Antelope (mehr von D-ABLI)
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ZS-NZV one of the last regular B727 operators @ DUS was indeed Olympic Airways sending the oldie usually on Tuesdays lunch time flight (mehr von ZS-NZV)
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N4750 "Clipper Rapid" on the way to the parking position at Terminal B after landing from Berlin-Tegel. N4750 came to Pan Am through the takeover of National Airlines in January 1980. The Boeing National 727-235�s were characterized by a greater range than the standard -200 version. (mehr von N4750)
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D-ABKK delivered together with sistership D-ABKL in 1975 as tke last two B.727-200/Advanced to Condor. Other owners of D-ABKK thereafter: TC-AFD Nobel Air, TC-TCA TUR and finally ZS-NOU Safair (mehr von D-ABKK)
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