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TC-JFB This non-advanced Boeing 727-264 was bought from Mexicana and she is showing a strengthend upper fuselage ( over title BOG.. ), needed for rocket propulsion units and booster modifications for the high altitude take offs in Mexiko. (mehr von TC-JFB)
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TQ-JFA Misspainted registration on her first visit at Lohausen in summer 1988. Together with sistership TC-JFB this aircraft was bought from Mexicana. (mehr von TQ-JFA)


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XA-HON Pictured after returning from Aeroperu and named Teotihuacan. It was a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican city. The archaeological site is located approximately 40 kilometers from Mexico city. Apart from the pyramids, Teotihuacan is also anthropologically significant for its complex, multi-family residential compounds, the Avenue of the Dead, and the small portion of its vibrant murals that have been exceptionally well-preserved. (mehr von XA-HON)
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XA-IEU This B727-264 Guelaguetza was the only aircraft painted in a yellow and green version of the Mitla tail design. (mehr von XA-IEU)
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XA-MEB Ichcatlan was the only aircraft painted like this. B727-264 XA-MEF Tula and A320-231 XA-RYS Tecpantla had this design but with the colours reversed (mehr von XA-MEB)
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XA-MXB The Quetzalcoatl design in pink and blue was only applied to B727-264 XA-MXB "Azcapotzalco". Three other aircraft had a colour variation in red and orange and those were B727-264 XA-HOV "Atzacualco", B727-264 XA-HOX "Tenamaxtli" and A320-231 N230RX "Cuitlahuac" (mehr von XA-MXB)
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XA-MEL This tail design was applied in two shades of green to B727-264 XA-MEL Meztitlan. B727-264 XA-MEJ Yacatecutli and A320-231 XA-RJY Jocotitlan had this design but in green and blue. (mehr von XA-MEL)
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XA-MED This colour scheme was applied to B727-265 XA-MED "Saltillo", B727-264 XA-DAT "Chiautempan" and A320-231 XA-RYQ "Teotitlan" (mehr von XA-MED)
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XA-MEC Only two aircraft were painted with this colour scheme, B727-264 XA-MEC named Nayarit and A320-232 N247RX Aztlan. B727-2M7 XA-MXE Tehuayo had this design applied but with the colours reversed. Unfortunately the blue background always stood out over the purple textile design. It was the most difficult tail to photograph. (mehr von XA-MEC)