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N727RW The "Spirit of Mexiko" in a modified Hughes Airwest colourscheme with a bare metal vertical stabilizer after the merge with Republic in January 1981, Republic also was a merge of Southern Airways and North Central Airlines on July, 1st 1979. (mehr von N727RW)
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XA-MXE This aircraft had the most difficult design to photograph because of the combination of colors. These are the same as XA-MEC but reversed causing that the pale blue color highlighted over the purple fretwork. (mehr von XA-MXE)


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A9C-BA nice surprise in the morning. suprisingly this aircraft was also visible for a short time on the flightradar app (mehr von A9C-BA)
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XA-MXE Tehuayo, northern province from where the peoples of Anahuac purportedly came from (mehr von XA-MXE)