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VP-BAP official DUS Night spotting tour for the Rolling Stones - what a beauty parked next to the B767 (mehr von VP-BAP)
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HK-5239 What an awesome take off!! Almost using all the runway 18 blasting off on its way to Cura�ao (TNCC). First time I was able to photograph this one with the new livery, the two times I saw it before it was carrying the 50 years livery of Aerosucre. It's always a pleasure to see these B727s flying!! :D (mehr von HK-5239)
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M-STAR The Highlight of 2022 so far in best summer weather inbound from Paris (mehr von M-STAR)
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HS-SCK An attractive DHL freighter climbs out of runway 20Right. As seen from Crowne Plaza Changi AIrport. (mehr von HS-SCK)


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