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EC-NAB bad weather, rare Visitor. (mehr von EC-NAB)
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EI-RUJ Overview of the Belfast apron for scrapping with a Med View B744, ex Jet 2 B737-300s and a Monarch B757 (mehr von EI-RUJ)
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EC-NAB The last flight of the Small Planet summer holiday leg from Linz to the Aegean Islands is operated by this AlbaStar 737-800 that is still wearing the basic colours of its former owner Meridiana. Ferry flight to Milano-Malpensa Intl. shortly after the sunset. (mehr von EC-NAB)
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OM-HEX c/n 30785 l/n 1007. Built in 2001 and delivered to Tombo Aviation as N308TA. Ex Norwegian Air Shuttle as LN-NOC. Leased from Air Explore (mehr von OM-HEX)
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