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EI-BED Seen here shortly before being retired from Aer Lingus service. The company having started to take delivery of Airbus A330 aircraft (mehr von EI-BED)
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EI-BED is seen here touching down at Shannon, Ireland. Aer Lingus leased this aircraft to Lan Chile for a period in winter 1990 and the South American company used it on services between Santiago and New York JFK (mehr von EI-BED)
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EI-BED C/n 19748 Basic Aer Lingus c/s. (mehr von EI-BED)
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D-ABYC One of the many LH training flights at that time, the deflection of the tail rudder to the right indicates a simulated engine out during climb out. (mehr von D-ABYC)
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D-ABYA The first ever delivered B747 series to Lufthansa...sistership D-ABYB crashed in Nairobi after takeoff. (mehr von D-ABYA)
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EI-BED. Only throttle quadrant is still in the cockpit, ex LH D-ABYC (mehr von EI-BED)