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N981JM Breakfast and community room in front of the Jumbo Stay. (mehr von N981JM)
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9V-SQQ Delivered to Singapore Airlines on 25th September 1980 as 9V-SQQ. Leased to Garuda Indonesia on 10th April 1993 and on 30th May 1996 to Northwest Airlines as N642NW. The forward section now preserved at the Museum of Aeronautical Sciences at Narita Airport in Japan (mehr von 9V-SQQ)
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3D-NEE The famous Jumbo Hostel just after sunrise! (mehr von 3D-NEE)
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3D-NEE The famous Jumbo Hostel by night! (mehr von 3D-NEE)
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3D-NEE looking out of those windows at night you can see the lights of aircrafts departing from rwy19R from Arlanda Airport. This certainly adds to a great experience of staying at Jumbo Hotel (mehr von 3D-NEE)
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3D-NEE friendly atmosphere in Jumbo Hostel (mehr von 3D-NEE)
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9V-SQI This B.747-212B was delivered to Singapore in 1979 and bought by Olympic AW in April 1985. Since June 2002, formerly Olympic Flame SX-OAD has been parked at Bruntingthorpe, UK (mehr von 9V-SQI)
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3D-NEE Jumbo Hostel seen from roof of an opposite building. (mehr von 3D-NEE)