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N4508H First flight was July 20, 1981. Delivery date was September 30, 1981. Other serials - N1785B with The Boeing Company, and also N4508H with China Airlines & Transatlantic Intl Airlines. Stored at MZJ (Marana) in March 1997 as N4508H, & slowly broken-up - for spare parts (mehr von N4508H)
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9Q-CWY Sharjah spotting has always been great fun. Those were the days... Watch FB and TT in action (mehr von 9Q-CWY)
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B-1880 Taxiing to runway 24L for departure to Taipei (mehr von B-1880)
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YI-AOX c/n 22298. Built in 1980. First picture. Parked at Baghdad Int'l. Engines and instruments removed (and stored?). Airframe in rather good condition: it just needs a good wash to remove the dirt. However, storage with open doors in blowing dust and sand is not a great idea. (mehr von YI-AOX)
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N4522V This aircraft once went supersonic for while: on 19 Feb 1985 whilst flying TPE-LAX it went into an uncontrolled dive, and became supersonic for a short time. It recovered after losing 32,000 feet in height......seen after being put back into service on finals for Runway 13 at Kai Tak! [Kodak Print] (mehr von N4522V)
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J2-SHF still a resident on the Sharjah ramp after many years...Seen here on a remote position is very sandy conditions... (mehr von J2-SHF)
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J2-SHF This former Mandarin Airlines aircraft has been in storage at Sharjah for some years now and, although it is parked in the scrapyard area, it remains pretty much in tact - if more than a little dusty. (mehr von J2-SHF)
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J2-SHF Long term resident now stored in the scrapyard area at Sharjah. (mehr von J2-SHF)
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J2-SHF Long term resident now stored in the scrapyard areaSharjah (mehr von J2-SHF)