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62-3553 As the light fades, it’s an all-American affair on the far side of the ramp as the KC-135R of 909 ARS Young Tigers based at Kadena Air Base is pushed back after Aero India 2015 comes to an end on the last day. The R designation started in the 1980s as existing KC-135 engines were replaced with CFM-56 turbofans. Other American built aircraft visible on the ramp are the nose of an F-15D of 44th FS, a P-8A of VP-45 “Pelicans and C-17As of the USAF and IAF. (mehr von 62-3553)
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62-3571 first picture with the new polarbear sticker on the tail. Just 58 years old (delivery 07/1963) (mehr von 62-3571)


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59-1483 unbelievable - but first appearance in our database with an age of round about 60 years! (mehr von 59-1483)
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63-7993 doubtful obstacle clearance between lighting system and engine cowling! (mehr von 63-7993)