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XA-MXA Mexicapan is a common placename in Mexico meaning "Place of Mexica. The Mexica were an indigenous people of the Valley of Mexico . The Mexica are eponymous of the placename Mexico (mehr von XA-MXA)
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XA-MEF Painted with these red stripes which is the design of the Guadalajara Chivas soccer jersey and the teams crest below the cockpit windows (mehr von XA-MEF)
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XA-MXB After returning from Aeroperu XA-MXB was never painted in full Mexicana colours, instead it remained with a navy blue tail fin. (mehr von XA-MXB)
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XA-DUI On November 17 1992 Saro leased two B727-264 through Fokker/GPA, these were XA-DAT and XA-DUI. Both aircraft started charters flights from Mexico city to Orlando on December 19. XA-DUI was never painted in full Saro colours. (mehr von XA-DUI)
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XA-MEJ Yacatecutli was the God of commerce and merchants, and patron of the shifty Pochtecas clan of long distance travelling salesmen (mehr von XA-MEJ)
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XA-MEF Tula the ancient capital city of the Toltecs. It was a precinct containing pyramids, ball courts, and vast colonnaded halls. Distinctive Toltec features here include terraced pyramids colonnaded buildings, and relief sculptures such as Atlantean figures. Human figures known as atlantes served as main pillars in the temple that stood atop the main pyramid. (mehr von XA-MEF)
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XA-MEL Like Epazoyucan, Meztitlan (also in Hidalgo State) keeps the rest of an Augustinian convent of the XVI century. Most of the designs of this religious order were based on European engravings, all this influence can be seen in the frescoes that decorates the convents ceiling. (mehr von XA-MEL)


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XA-MEZ The Huichol or Wixaritari are a Native American ethnic group of western central Mexico, living in the Sierra Madre Occidental range in the Mexican state of Nayarit. (mehr von XA-MEZ)
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XA-HOX Tenamaxtli was a leader of the Caxcan Indians in Mexico during the Mixton War of 15401542. He was later put on trial in Spain. With the support of Bartolome de las Casas he defended the justice of his cause by appealing to King Carlos I. (mehr von XA-HOX)
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XA-MEE Temoaya a town located 11 miles fromToluca . It is known for its large ethnic Otomi population, the Centro Ceremonial Otom and its tradition of making Persian style rugs using Mexican designs. This is what we can see in this tail design. (mehr von XA-MEE)
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XA-MXB The design chosen for this aircraft belongs to a carved stela in the ruins of Azcapotzalco. During the 13th century the Teponecas tribe turned it into their capital. The design represents the God Quetzalcoatl "The feathered serpent" (mehr von XA-MXB)
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XA-MED Lining up for what was back then Rwy 27R. After the new north runway was opened in 2003 it was re-named 26L (mehr von XA-MED)
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XA-MEC Nayarit is a State of Mexico. It is precisely here where the Huicholes live. One of the most famous textiles of Nayarit are made by this ethnic group. A colourful embroidery is represented on the tail fin . XA-MEC made its first flight with this livery on January 27, 1991 (mehr von XA-MEC)
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XA-MED Saltillo capital of the state of Coahuila is where Mexico's finest sarapes have been made since the 18th century, that is what the design represents. It is a necessary part of Charro clothing (mehr von XA-MED)
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PR-IOD This freighter flies throughout the night. It's not a common sight on the day... (mehr von PR-IOD)
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XA-IEU It had the same tail design as Mitla but with a green and yellow combination. Named after a typical colourful fiesta of Oaxaca (mehr von XA-IEU)
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