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N46AF This B.737-100, which was already delivered to Air Florida in October 1979, still had the livery of the previous owner Singapore Airlines, ex 9V-BFD, in the late summer of 1980 (mehr von N46AF)
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9V-BBE All five first generation B.737-100s originally built for MSA-Malaysia-Singapore Airlines were put into service for the first time in 1969 and transferred to Singapore AL in autumn 1972. 9V-BBE and sistership 9V-BFF left the Singapore AL fleet in August 1980 and were sold, like the first three, to Air Florida (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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9V-BBE Freshly painted and just delivered from Singapore to Miami, still registered as 9V-BBE, the fourth of five Baby-B.737 ex-Singapore AL in the maintenance area of Air Florida, became reg. N47AF (mehr von 9V-BBE)
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N515NA The first of very, very many 737s, now preserved and partly sheltered from the elements in the new Aviation Pavilion at the Museum of Flight. (mehr von N515NA)
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N472GB in the old colour scheme of Air California, aproaching McCarren Field. In 1971 this B.737-100 was registered as D-ABWA to the West German Air Force, but immediately it was sold again to Boeing. With the merge of AirCal into American AL, N472GB was withdrawn from use and finally broken up at Mojave, California (mehr von N472GB)
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N471GB in the new, just introduced colour scheme on one of totally two series -100 B.737s, operated by AirCal. Aircraft was ordered and built for Avianca, delivered in November 1968. It was bought by the West German Air Force, registered as D-ABWB, in 1971 but returned to Boeing in 1972. In July 1987 AirCal merged with American Airlines and N471GB was withdrawn from use and finally broken up at LAS in October 1990. (mehr von N471GB)
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D-ABEA The first Boeing 737 ever in passenger service, line number 2, took to the air for the first time on May, 13th in 1967. The Coburg` is seen here during pushback from Terminal A on a sunny winter afternoon, photo was taken over the fence from those stairs, who originally connected the arrival with the departure level outside terminal A. (mehr von D-ABEA)


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9V-BFF The last buildt B.737-100 in the old colours of Singapore Airlines (mehr von 9V-BFF)
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XC-UJL-TP03 The high pollution levels of Mexico city are clearly seen in this cold morning shot (mehr von XC-UJL-TP0)
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D-ABEI still wearing the Luftansa registration. Delivered to PEOPLExpress in OCT 81 (mehr von D-ABEI)