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N386SW taxiing to Rwy 12R. Taken at the 1940 Air Terminal Museum (Canon EOS 10D + Sigma 80-400 EX OS APO) (mehr von N386SW)
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N620SW [Nikon D70 + Sigma 50-500mm f/4-6.3 APO EX RF HSM - ISO200 f6.3 for 1/1000th @ 270mm] (mehr von N620SW)
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N638SW (cn 27711/2820) Finals rnw25L from Phoenix. Welcome to the dessert. (mehr von N638SW)
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N373SW Making her way to runway 11L during my cross country break. (mehr von N373SW)
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N638SW (cn 27711/2820) Approaching Las Vegas as WN2741. (mehr von N638SW)
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N638SW (cn 27711/2820) Thanks to the great crew for inviting me to visit their office after a short flight from Phoenix. Also note the stowed HUD display. I wish I had one in my cockpit... (mehr von N638SW)
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N638SW (cn 27711/2820) The first Southwest flight of the day to Las Vegas is underway. Seen as SWA 2741 climbs out of 7L. (mehr von N638SW)
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N344SW Airport overview after liftoff. The empty gate in the foreground was ours until a couple of minutes earlier. (mehr von N344SW)
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N334SW s/n: 23938; A/W Date: 05/20/1988 Delivered: 06/16/1988. SW#43 from DAL, seen here continuing to CRP Corpus Christi in the late evening sun. Olympus C-765UZ (mehr von N334SW)