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XZ991 Now back in standard camouflage having had the Artic white removed (mehr von XZ991)
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XZ135 travelling exhibit after her crash landing on 3rd June 1984 now at display at Hermeskeil (mehr von XZ135)
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XV798 Crashed in April 1971 and then used as a trials aircraft. Later it was used as part of the 'Skyhook' programme as a way of using Harriers on aircraft carriers, the hook attachment can still be seen on the aircraft. Today it is displayed in the Bristol Aero Collection. (mehr von XV798)
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XZ969 (69) [Canon EOS 400D]. At the Royal Navy Fire School here. (mehr von XZ969)


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XV741 Used for Engineering Training. On the rear fuselage it carries 25th Anniversary Trans Atlantic crossing stickers (mehr von XV741)
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XV741 [Canon EOS 50D]. Notice the '25th Anniversary Trans Atlantic Air Race' titles on this ex RAF machine. (mehr von XV741)