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ZG477 On display at RAFM Cosford. This Harrier was built as a GR.7 in 1990. It took part in policing the No-fly Zone in Iraq, joined No. 1(F) Sqn. during Kosovo campaign and took part in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Upgraded to a GR.7A with a 106 kN RR Pegasus Mk.107 engine, it was further upgraded to a GR.9A in 2004. In 2008-09 it served in Afghanistan for CAS, mostly over Helmand Valley. This Harrier embarked HMS Ark Royal as "Jedi 1" for her final cruise. It flew the final RAF Harrier flight on 15 Dec 2010. (mehr von ZG477)


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ZG477 LAst flew 15 Dec 2010. Stored at Cottesmore and arrived by road at Cosford for display in Dec 2011. (mehr von ZG477)
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