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XV232 Overview of the Classic Air Force area at Coventry with a Nimrod, Shackleton, G-SIXC DC6 Diner and a stored ATP (mehr von XV232)


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XV249 The last flight of this aircraft was to Kemble where it was dismantled, transported by road to Cosford and reassembled for display (mehr von XV249)
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G-BURZ Restored at Duxford and wears military serial K3661. Built in 1934 (mehr von G-BURZ)
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XV226 The Nimrod and its origin in the Comet behind. Both are kept in live taxying condition (mehr von XV226)
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XV226 Preserved in taxying condition. Arrived by air 27th April 2010 (mehr von XV226)
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XW664 Displayed at the East Midlands Aeropark. Arrived by air 13th July 2011. (mehr von XW664)