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G-EUOA Flight BA909 from Frankfurt/Main Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von G-EUOA)
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G-EUOI Flight BA767 from Oslo-Gardermoen Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. [1860px] (mehr von G-EUOI)
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G-EUPN Flight BA1403 from Manchester Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von G-EUPN)
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G-TTNB Flight BA9258 from Toulouse-Blagnac on arrival to RWY 27R. This is the delivery flight of this brand new aircraft. (mehr von G-TTNB)
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G-EUYJ In the back Tailwind TC-TLB & Onurair TC-OBK (mehr von G-EUYJ)
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G-EUYV final approach rwy 35 over the famous "mouse island". Note the clouds in background. Some hours later there was a heavy thunderstorm over Corfu. (mehr von G-EUYV)
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G-EUYE Flight BA363 from Lyon-Saint-Exup�ry on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von G-EUYE)
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G-VIIC Flight BA104 nonstop from Dubai Intl. on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von G-VIIC)
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G-EUPW Flight BA1447 from Edinburgh on arrival to RWY 27R. (mehr von G-EUPW)