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D-HZSH Not very often in the Munich area. Here close to my village on a rescue mission. (mehr von D-HZSH)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1654359 / 59 Aufrufe
D-HZSA Leaving the inner apron of terminal A after one hour stay obviously for an emergency duty. (mehr von D-HZSA)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1647404 / 36 Aufrufe
D-HZSA - CHX9 leaving site of operation in the Western districts of the city back to the base. (mehr von D-HZSA)
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Email Autor Korrektur ID #1633136 / 46 Aufrufe
D-HZSF Helicopter Swap at LRZ Duisburg - welcome our newest CHX9 (mehr von D-HZSF)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1609654 / 58 Aufrufe
D-HZSL "Christoph 7" (based in Kassel, Hesse, Germany) at the University Medical Center Goettingen, Lower Saxony, Germany. (mehr von D-HZSL)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1600148 / 162 Aufrufe
D-HZSA "Christoph 14" sits after a life-saving mission in front of the hangar atop the hospital in Traunstein. (mehr von D-HZSA)
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D-HZSJ c/n 0603, Interim location due to construction work on LRZ (mehr von D-HZSJ)