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RP-C-8023 Although looking wonderful, the sole guppy has been grounded by Bournemouth Airport and the CAA. The aircraft awaits its uncertain future... [Nikon D50] (mehr von RP-C-8023)
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C-8 off 334 squadron (Eindhoven) always gave a nice demonstration! (mehr von C-8)
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EC-899 c/n 354. ex OO-DHI. On 19 May 1995, The aircraft made a wheels-up landing on RWY 04 after a 0 -flap visual approach. The accident happened at 18:39 LT in fine weather: 030į/6 kts wind, visibility 8km and broken clouds at 2500 feet. Resting at Vitoria airport after landing without landing gear during a training flight. (mehr von EC-899)
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C-8 On display near the entrance of Welschap Airbase. (mehr von C-8)
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EC-897 25597-441, in c/s 2 and coming up with Spain's mid term lived temporar alpha numeric registrations. (mehr von EC-897)
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EC-896 very rare shot of this full-painted LTU SŁd B757, wearing this colours with spanish registration only for the return flight from lease to LTE (mehr von EC-896)
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RP-C-8830 Special yellow coating, (not sure the purpose). Shoot from a special permission overfly of Pinal. [Nikon D100] (mehr von RP-C-8830)