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RA-96019 Many state visitors for the Arab League summit on Syria... (mehr von RA-96019)
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VQ-BCE Here for the Arab League summit on Syria... (mehr von VQ-BCE)
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D-AIGY The new terminal building of Cairo is visible and an Egypt Air 737 in new colours! (mehr von D-AIGY)
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SU-GDF new tower under construction and dusty Midwest A310 SU-MWA (mehr von SU-GDF)
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D-AIGY Panoramic view of CAI. If I'm not mistaken, there's a TU-22 in front of Terminal 1 (above the engine). To the far left is the corrosion corner with 707s and Alim IL-62. (mehr von D-AIGY)
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5A-DJM On my last visit two months earlier, 5A-DJM wasn't burnt out yet and 5A-DIX didn't have the wings cut off yet... the end seems near after many years of storage... (mehr von 5A-DJM)