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YV-153T Notice slope of runway and ramp area of this great interesting airport... (mehr von YV-153T)
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YV-141T First picture in the database of Aeropostal's 80th Anniversary Retro Aircraft sharing the ramp with the nice Avior Airlines B737-200... (mehr von YV-141T)
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Left to right: Venezolana B737-200, Cubana IL62M, Avior Airlines B737-200 and Aeropostal's 80th Anniversary Retro DC-9-32. This is Venezuela!
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This is probably one of my favorite pics of my trip to CCS. Note the variety in aircraft models, colors and airlines (all domestic). Some nice aircraft one finds on this interesting airport....
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YV1850 First pic in the database. One of Conviasa's ATR72s being prepared for a flight to Margarita with a Rutaca 732 which also flights to the same busy tourist destination... (mehr von YV1850)
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YV-2444 First pic in the Database. Pushback from gate 1 at the National Terminal for a domestic flight.... (mehr von YV-2444)
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CU-T1280 Cubana's last IL-62M arriving from La Habana under cloudy conditions as "Cubana 1310" taxiing to the international terminal at Maiquetia... (mehr von CU-T1280)
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N681TA Taca new colors on short final for rwy 10 at CCS. (mehr von N681TA)


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N740PA Santa Barbara's 757 in Primaris colours arriving from MIA. (mehr von N740PA)
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YV-705C Twice in Caracas during winter 2005 but the weather was more cloundy than London. Not high quality but new aircraft to the database. (mehr von YV-705C)
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D-AIGC First Star Alliance aircraft for me to see here at CCS! Very nice surprise. Landing at RWY. 10. (mehr von D-AIGC)
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CC-CEN Passing over us right at CCS rush hour. Nice Livery! (My first Picture on the D-B) (mehr von CC-CEN)
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YV-216C ex Delta Airlines B737-200 of RUTACA. Photo from D-AIGS during taxi to parking on Lufthansa-534. Sorry for the quaility, it was a heavy cloudy day, but the aircraft is new to the database (mehr von YV-216C)
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YV-1174C Lift off! We were only 56 people aboard this plane and the power of the SUPER 27 was inmense. TAke off justa few seconds after a TACA A319. Look at the coast line. (Olympus C-770) (mehr von YV-1174C)
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YV-1174C First pic of the interior of this plane!! Very nice this SUPER 27. (Olympus C-770) (mehr von YV-1174C)