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N67052 Taxiing on the Western // for a departure off Rwy 09R back home to the US. (mehr von N67052)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1636242 / 7 Aufrufe
F-GYAJ Taxiing out on the Western // for a flight to an equally sunny destination as Paris on the day. Withdrawn from use in 2013, but taken up by Ural Airlines as VP-BVP and still active. (mehr von F-GYAJ)
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HB-IJN Taxiing on the Western //. This aircraft would later be repainted in the Star Alliance scheme, along with two other A320s (HB-IJM and HB-IJO). Most recently reported as stored in Amman since early May 2020. (mehr von HB-IJN)
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F-GRSI Taxiing on the Western //, past the Pullman hotel for a Rwy 08L departure to somewhere equally sunny as Paris on the day. This aircraft went on to fly with Yes Airways, OLT Express Poland, Myanmar Airways International, Jetstar Pacific, Lanmei Airlines and SmartLynx Malta. Most recently seen stored in St. Athan, Wales. (mehr von F-GRSI)