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PP-SPH Arriving from Corumba as VP4353. VASP has reactivated a daily service to that city located in the border of Brazil and Bolivia. (mehr von PP-SPH)
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PP-SPI Flight VP4353 departing to Sao Paulo (GRU) (mehr von PP-SPI)
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PP-SPB Maintenance on radar system after got a heavy rain and returned to CGR few minutes after its Take-off. This plane now flies for British Petroleum explorations. (mehr von PP-SPB)
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PP-SOP In a period between August 1991 and February 1993, VASP operated three DC8-71F: PP-SOO / PP-SOP and PP-SOQ. (mehr von PP-SOP)
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EC-BQU First time of an Iberia's aircraft in CGR. (mehr von EC-BQU)
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PP-VMW First non-stop charter flight from Campo Grande to the USA. This flight took people to visit Disneyworld. (mehr von PP-VMW)
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PT-MFA From 1992 to 1998 Pantanal operated three EMB-120 Brasilia: PT-MFA, PT-MFB and PT-MFC. Pantanal is the name of a famous ecological region located in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul. The bird on the tail is named Tuiui�: a typical landmark of this beautiful region. (mehr von PT-MFA)
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PT-SOG New regional airline in the Brazilian western area. (mehr von PT-SOG)