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C-GCPD "Empress of British Colombia" in the colorful paintscheme, which disappeared in 1987, when Pacific Western acquired CP Air and changed its brand into Canadian Int�l AL. C-GCPD ended her career as a freighter, operated by DAS Air Cargo as 5X-DAS (mehr von C-GCPD)
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C-GCPH "Empress of Lisboa" in the first year of operation for Canadian Pacific on a once weekly flown charter flight into Dsseldorf. In 1987 she was converted into extended range` standard and after 20 years of services she was scrapped at Marana. (mehr von C-GCPH)
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C-FCRA "Empress of Japan" was traded to Pakistan International in September 1986 for DC-10's together with sisterships C-FCRB/D and -E and was registered as AP-BCN. (mehr von C-FCRA)
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CF-CPT "Empress of Santiago" aproaching parking position 22, where today Terminal C is located, on a warm summer evening some 40 years ago. CF-CPT was the one and only Jet Trader in CP Airs fleet, a convertible DC-8 for passengers sitting in the rear fuselage and for cargo palettes in the front section. Up to the mid 70s also KLM operated a once weekly service with DC-8-55CF Jet Traders on Tuesdays from Hong Kong into Dsseldorf. (mehr von CF-CPT)
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C-GCPC ''City of Amsterdam'' on short final. scan (mehr von C-GCPC)


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N1836U Empress of Expo `86 titles (scan from paper print) (mehr von N1836U)
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C-FCPV c/n 20196, add. EXPO'86 titles and named Empress of Vancouver- '766' (mehr von C-FCPV)
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C-GCPY c/n 22342 'Empress of Halifax- '719' (mehr von C-GCPY)
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CF-CPM "Empress of Lisbon" at HKG Kai Tak airport (mehr von CF-CPM)
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C-GCPI What an amazing colourscheme this was. Please note also the Global Int. 747 at the C-Gate behind. (mehr von C-GCPI)
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C-FCRD Roaring off from HNL's reef runway heading for YVR (mehr von C-FCRD)