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SE-RTC Rolling for take-off on Rwy 22R as D8 3658 to Barcelona. One of two Boeing 737 MAX re-activated for the 2022 summer season at relatively short notice. (mehr von SE-RTC)
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CS-TVJ Rolling for take-off on Rwy 22R as TP759 back home to Lisbon. (mehr von CS-TVJ)
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OY-CLZ Rolling for take-off on Rwy 22R as 6I108 to Sonderborg. (mehr von OY-CLZ)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1687629 / 20 Aufrufe
EC-MEY Approaching Rwy 22L in the most beautiful evening light right before 9 PM, arriving from Riga as QY5781. (mehr von EC-MEY)
Email Autor Korrektur ID #1685804 / 22 Aufrufe
EC-NLV Accelerating on Rwy 22R for its return flight to Barcelona as VY1873. Still wearing the basic colours of LEVEL. (mehr von EC-NLV)


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K7067 Takeoff roll to ORY on a Europe visit to Berlin, Copenhagen and Paris. (mehr von K7067)