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CS-TEJ What a nice surprise, Airbus A310 from White making a Sata International flight, unfortunately no sun at 8h40 pm (mehr von CS-TEJ)
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CS-TEJ landing RWY 05L in the last light of the day (mehr von CS-TEJ)
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CS-TEJ ex TAP aircraft... (EOS 450D 90-300mm) (mehr von CS-TEJ)
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CS-TEJ Farewell to the TAP's A310 at Madeira. This would be the last of these planes to come to Madeira on TAP's duty. The week after, the A330 started scaling Madeira on its flights to/from Caracas. (mehr von CS-TEJ)
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CS-TEJ Visiting Faro due to temporary closure of RWY at Lisbon. This could be it's last visit do Faro. "Pedro Nunes" first flight was on the 09/11/1988, and it's now close to be bound maybe for FedEx. (mehr von CS-TEJ)