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CS-TQY with the soccer team of Benfica Lisbon onboard after their match against Eintracht Frankfurt the day before! (mehr von CS-TQY)
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CS-TQY The third A340 which ever visited FMO yet! (mehr von CS-TQY)
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CS-TQY Taken with 18mm! What a feeling. Seen here on its way to Manchester with FC Schalke 04 onboard. (mehr von CS-TQY)
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CS-TQY Early in the morning at sunrise, on final approach to runway 21. On wet lease, flying on behalf of EL AL. (mehr von CS-TQY)
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CS-TQY Ex. Singapore Airlines and Emirates. Flying for Surinam Airways. (mehr von CS-TQY)


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CS-TQY Takeoff rwy 19L bound for New York. Registrations used by this airframe: F-WWJX, 9V-SJJ, D-AJGP, A6-ERQ, CS-TQY (mehr von CS-TQY)
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CS-TQY If you look carefuly below the wing there is still the old registration A6-ERQ (mehr von CS-TQY)