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CS-XAP Flying at Montesinho Natural Park (Bragana) during a four day cross-country photo trip, we reach the Spanish border, outlined by the windmills... a truly fantastic sight! Until now, it's been the only time that i've flown in a snowy environment. (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-XAP Is there a better way to return home after spending the weekend in an aviation safety forum in central Portugal than flying in formation for some sunset pictures?... In the back there's Tagus River and its last two corners before reaching Lisbon, where it meets with the Atlantic Ocean. (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-XAP Flying right next to Idanha-a-Nova Dam. In the background you can see the biggest mountain in Continental Portugal: Serra da Estrela (Mountain of the Star)! (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-XAP A very nice view of Tires, after a low pass! (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-XAP Introducing the: APAU Tejo Tour! An event that will be held from 27/03/09 until 29/03/09, starting at LPCB (Castelo Branco) and ending at LPCS (Cascais, Tires)... always following the River Tejo's path. It will pass trough some historic cities of Portugal, and the best of all, is that the Tour can be followed by car, so that you don't miss none of the dozens of Ultralights! APAU also managed to get spotters credencials for the places were it will land during the tour. In this particular photo, we can see the River Tejo (photo facing North), the LPSR (Santarm) airstrip and the fantastic city of Santarm, that lays on a hill! Check places of landings, hours and spotters acesses here: http://www.apau.org/ (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-XAP During Portugal AirShow... Flying at sunset! (mehr von CS-XAP)
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CS-XAP During APAU (apau.org) tour. Formation flight with ten aircrafts at the last leg of the four days tour that linked Portugal, Spain and Morocco! (mehr von CS-XAP)
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