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HC-CPR Taxiing to its gate after landing from Quito as LNE1401, you can see Church of Turi in the background. (mehr von HC-CPR)
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N799FC New plane in Ecuador for future air taxi (mehr von N799FC)
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HC-CFD Take off from Quito with Andrea Santana as F/o (mehr von HC-CFD)
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HC-CEZ Arriving after 3 missed apps and a diversion to GYE.... ahhh bad bad bad (mehr von HC-CEZ)
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HC-CFG Cap.Raquel Sviercovich, and F/o Cristina Iglesias. Coming into cuenca this day. Horrible day (mehr von HC-CFG)
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HC-CFK Over the cars and the city, if you come too low...... its not such a good idea (mehr von HC-CFK)
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HC-CEY Taking off enroute to Quito. This goes off to Cap.J.Gutierrez for all hes done for me! Check out the readings in these unique screens! (mehr von HC-CEY)
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HC-CEZ TAmes new babay, EMBRAER 190!! its great. Seen here in the baptism day! (mehr von HC-CEZ)
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HC-CEX RWY 05 in Cuenca is amazingly dificult, and this time it was the First solo flight of the Tame pilots (Gugua gutierrez and F/O Espeinel! Congrats. Note the vecinity, all houses, like UIO! (mehr von HC-CEX)


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HC-BXC Went bankrupt many years ago, Still sitting here in "flyable" conditions, but for legal reasons its grounded. (mehr von HC-BXC)
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FAE-047 Waiting for the president to arrive. AS we waited for UIO to open up because of weahter conditions, I got these shots. (mehr von FAE-047)
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HC-CDW Whats I like about this pic, is that you can see how the nasty weathe conditions were no problem for the crew. The windhield wipper at MAX speed, and the water drops coming on us. Note the ILS lights!! (Olympus C-770) (mehr von HC-CDW)
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HC-CDW Welcome to Cuenca! Note we were close to doing a go around ! We had 1KM visibility and we were .4NM from missed app point. Also, note that CUENCA has new ILS lighting justt a year ago. (Olympus C-770) (mehr von HC-CDW)
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