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63-7699 Midland Air Museum. On the left intake splitter plate there is a red star. This means a MiG-17 kill on 14th May 1967 (mehr von 63-7699)
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XV232 Note the weapons release buttons on the yokes, C for Conventional, N for.... (mehr von XV232)
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G-CONV Static display during Coventry airshow. Never flew again after engine fire before. Probably almost no commercial flight for Air Atlantique. Now preserved at Carluke/Scotland after road transport from CVT. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von G-CONV)
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G-SABR Smokey highspeed touchdown after spectacuklar flight display during Coventry airshow. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von G-SABR)
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WR963 Engine runup for ground display during Coventry airshow. Pilot wears even oxygenmask! Scan from paperprint. (mehr von WR963)
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N7025N Takeoff for flight display during Coventry airshow. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von N7025N)
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G-BEDF Engine runup prior flight display on Coventry airshow. Scan from paperprint. (mehr von G-BEDF)
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N2RK Ex Reeve Aleutian. Look at the joke titles "Reeve Illusion". Scan from paperprint. (mehr von N2RK)
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G-SIXC Takepff for flight display at Coventry airshow. Today withdrawn from use and transfomed to " DC-6 Diner" restaurant of the Airbase.Scan from paperprint. (mehr von G-SIXC)