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LV-VFJ One of three B727-256s operated by Aerolineas Argentinas in full Iberia markings and name ("Cataluna") and Argentine registration. (mehr von LV-VFJ)
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N784AV Taking off from competition�s nest (thanks to DAD/BAP) (mehr von N784AV)
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LQ-JAL Derelict at Morn and surrounded by other mighty classics... (mehr von LQ-JAL)
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9Y-MBJ One day, I will have as many tail feathers as my brother over there! (mehr von 9Y-MBJ)
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LV-ZPY remixing Otis Redding: Sitting' in the midday sun // I'll be sitting when the evenin' come // Watching the JungleJets roll in // And then I'll watch 'em roll away again, yeah! (mehr von LV-ZPY)