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HA-FAO Awaiting its final fate in the scrapyard corner of CGN (mehr von HA-FAO)
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HA-LEW After being stored since 2011 and 4 months of heavy maintenance and overhaul this 737-200 is airworthy again! (This is the landing after the test flight.) Beside YU-ANP this old lady is Europe's second 200 series of 737, but only for some weeks, because it is sold to the Canadian airline Nolinor Aviation, and will be deliver soon to operate in north part of Canada (mehr von HA-LEW)
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HA-TCV The registration is not visible, but this is HA-TCV, the new member of Cityline's fleet. ex-LY-APK Aviavilsa. (mehr von HA-TCV)
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HA-FAO Taken on a ramptour organised by CGN Community ; AFC and the Airport , thanks for it ! (mehr von HA-FAO)
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HA-FAO After the spotters day at NTM we made a short stop at Liege and saw this beauty resting... (mehr von HA-FAO)
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HA-FAO taken while apron tour, special thanks to the aviation friends cologne (AFC) [Canon EOS 50D - EF 24-105L IS USM] (mehr von HA-FAO)
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