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B-0001 The main fuselage of Y-10 prototype ,an unsuccessful commercial airliner designed and manufactured by China in 1980s. (mehr von B-0001)
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B-001X First business jet of COMAC - Business Jet version of ARJ-21-700 (mehr von B-001X)
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B-1110L After two days the Xiangfeng leaves Vienna again to Ankara. The fourth of only six flying ARJ21 was on a short testflight tour through Europe (Oslo-Vienna-Ankara). Note the test-equipment which is installed instead of one window. (mehr von B-1110L)
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B-1110L What a surprise!! This is nearly the first appearance of this jet in Europe. Came in from Oslo, next destination Ankara. (mehr von B-1110L)
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B-1110L Surprise visitor at VIE: new Chinese aircraft on a test flight tour through Europe (mehr von B-1110L)