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OH-HCP One of Finnish HEMS helicopters " SEPE " operating in Oulu area, parked beside a Medi-Heli hangar at Cargo ramp II (mehr von OH-HCP)
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OH-HCO c/n 0418. One of the Finnish HEMS helicopters " Ilmari " which operated in Finland Northeast areas, is now grounded and stored at EFHK area. due the operator Copterline`s administration in February, and today it was parked beside the Medi-Heli hangar on the corner at Cargo Ramp II. (mehr von OH-HCO)
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OH-HCL During Helitech 2008... Currently there are 2 EC135 from Copterline participating in the medical contest of Portugal. If they win, an extra EC135 from Copterline will come and if i'm not in mistake, they'll have CS-*** registration! (mehr von OH-HCL)
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OH-HCM One of Finnish paramedic helicopters was visiting in a cargo apron I (mehr von OH-HCM)
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OH-HCQ Ready for departure from Helsinki to Tallinn (mehr von OH-HCQ)
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OH-HCQ Departing to Tallinn from Helsinki City Heliport (mehr von OH-HCQ)
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OH-HCQ nearby the old soviet cityhall, hourly service to Helsinki (mehr von OH-HCQ)
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OH-HCH Airborne to test flight after maintenance from Copterline apron (mehr von OH-HCH)
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OH-HCJ taxiing out for a scheduled flight to Tallinn (mehr von OH-HCJ)