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D-ASDB Used for technical training at Kemble and enjoying a rare outing in the sunshine at the Kemble Revival (mehr von D-ASDB)
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D-ASDB Usewd for Technical Training by Lufhansa at Kemble (mehr von D-ASDB)
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D-ASDB ex German Air Force 17+03/OY-RRW. Flown to St Athan a few yaers ago where it was used by Lufthansa Resource Technical Training. In July 2009 the aircraft was moved by road to Kemble when Lufthansa Technik built a new hangar and training establishment. (mehr von D-ASDB)
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D-ASDB c/n G19; the last operational example of this not very successful early regional jet taxies to its last departure ever [Nikon F80, Fuji Sensia 100] (mehr von D-ASDB)