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D-IAEB This Islander made sightseeing flights on the last weekend of THF. It was my last flight from Tempelhof airport. (mehr von D-IAEB)


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D-IAEB Thanks to Air Hamburg, an hour before taking this picture I had my first - and last - flight from Tempelhof in this beauty. Its so sad that it will be closed on 30. October 2008! (mehr von D-IAEB)
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D-IAEB the last sunday of THF, and my last flight from there with this plane (mehr von D-IAEB)
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D-IAEB Air Hamburg is a new airline located here in Uetersen with very friendly employers! Canon 300D (mehr von D-IAEB)
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D-IAEB I really like this beautiful plane! Canon 300D (mehr von D-IAEB)