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52-2761 There were approximately 70 C97s present at the time this photo was taken. 22761 was still at DMI Aviation's yard on E.Nebraska Rd. in the early 90s. (mehr von 52-2761)
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53-0306 This aircraft was a regular visitor an THF in its active days. (mehr von 53-0306)
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53-0106 This aircraft was a regular visitor an THF in its active days. (mehr von 53-0106)
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53-0543 c/n.4358. This is how most Connies ended their days at DMA. There were approximately 40 - 50 present at the time this photo was taken. (mehr von 53-0543)
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TF-AYF One of a large number of 707s that have been in storage at AMARC for many years. (mehr von TF-AYF)
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Seen stored at Davis Monthan Air Force base near Tuscon, Arizona, USA are thousands of surplus USAF aircraft. I challenge anyone to count the number of different aircraft types in this image
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This Whale has since left AMARC to be a range target. shame.
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One of many old A-7's stored in the UAC yard near AMARC, Tucson AZ.
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53-2135 "City of Lincoln"crashed 1963 while landing,plane basically intact (mehr von 53-2135)
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N8725T C/N 18918 seen stored at Davis Monthan AFB with its tail lying on the ground beside it (mehr von N8725T)
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N773TW C/N 18405, Top of picture is ex TWA B707 N773TW and at bottom is B707-123 registered N2235W of Omega Air, ex EL-AJW, 5B-DAL Cyprus airways and N7504A of American Airlines. (mehr von N773TW)
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55-0067 "The Lone Star Lady" Pima Air and Space Museum (mehr von 55-0067)
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55-0395 Weather re-con aircraft.Pima Air and Space Museum (mehr von 55-0395)
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52-0003 "The High and Mighty One",Pima Air and Space Museum (mehr von 52-0003)
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How many different types can you see in storage here in Arizona..??
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64-0637 Aircraft Maintenance and Recovery Center (AMARC), Tucson, AZ. (mehr von 64-0637)
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The famous "aircraft boneyard" in Tucson, AZ. Many of these F-4s will be converted into unmanned drones for training purposes.
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N495PA seen here in the colours of its last operator Global Internatonal. This aircrfat once flew the skies in the colours of Pan American (mehr von N495PA)
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58-1005 I was happy to spot the Blue & White check markings on the nose, they are representing the colours of my home state, Bavaria in Germany where once 'Tired Dude' was based. During its active duty, the Mojave was the largest and fastest helicopter in the western world. Retractable landing gear and clamshell doors in the nose were among its features not usually found in helicopters. An amazing piece of aviation history stored in the Pima Air + Space Museum. (mehr von 58-1005)
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75-0298 This rather shabby looking A-10 is under restoration and awaiting some new paint at the Pima Air and Space Museum. (mehr von 75-0298)