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A new look at the new terminal of St. Maarten's Princess Juliana Int'l Airport. Looking much more complete now with four air bridges and an overall modern look to it. The latest rumours are that she's due to open in Septemeber this year. Taken from our BN-2 Islander during takeoff for the short flight to St. Barths.
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F-GLZS Usually every photo you see from St.Maarten was taken in the sun but obviously that wasn't the case today. Seen here is AF489 kicking up a fair amount of spray while blow drying a soaked Rwy 09 as she begins her long haul back to Paris. (mehr von F-GLZS)
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F-GLZR A 10mm view of Air France's Economy cabin on their A340s. Taken shortly after we had began our long journey over the Atlantic Ocean onboard AF488 to, yeah you guessed it... St. Maarten! (mehr von F-GLZR)
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N425MJ Airliner vs Cruise Liner towards Maho Beach... Looks as though the Cruise Liner has the lead so far. (mehr von N425MJ)
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N672AA Maho Beach comes to a stand still (as with every "big" arrival) as on-lookers witness the second approach for this AA 757 after going around the first time due to low visibility and bad weather conditions. (mehr von N672AA)
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PJ-CIW Heads up!... The Islander which brought us here earlier that morning from SXM returns with a nose dive approach down the hill and almost taking out Jason and James during the process!... (mehr von PJ-CIW)
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F-OHQK Climbing out of a beautiful St Barths while a couple of swimmers look on from the crystal clear Caribbean waters. (mehr von F-OHQK)
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D4-CBG Here's something you don't see everyday... Four engineers are doing some maintenance work on engine number one while parked at the gate. The aircraft was pushed back and then departed within the space of half an hour. (mehr von D4-CBG)
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AP-BGK The landing gear is in the process of retracting while a big ploom of brake dust is spat out from the gear bay doors. (mehr von AP-BGK)
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N229NW Here's an 18mm wide angle view which was taken from the viewing deck of this very busy terminal. Those mini baggage trucks along with many other vehicles of all shapes and sizes constantly drive past the deck. (mehr von N229NW)
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PH-BFL Insert witty remark about the Nikon sign here.... (mehr von PH-BFL)
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G-MIDP This has got to be one of the most cheerful pilots I've seen in a long while. He was moving and waving from side-to-side for the large crowds of people, and of course... the photographers. (mehr von G-MIDP)
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G-BUSB This winglet-less '320 is hard on the brakes on arrival from Heathrow. Kicking up some spray in the process of it too. (mehr von G-BUSB)
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B-KAD Powering out of Manchester and kicking up a fair amount of spray in the process. (mehr von B-KAD)
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G-DIMB This is the very first shot of Monarch's first 767 (ex My Travel) in the PP.Net database. (mehr von G-DIMB)
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JA812J Lifting off the runway. Perfectly framed with the famous Narita titles underneath her. (mehr von JA812J)
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G-VOGE This is the very first shot on the PP.Net Database of Virgin's brand new Upper Class Suite. I'm pretty sure you'll agree that it's rather nice :-) Taken just after arriving in LHR after an 11hr 45min flight from NRT as VS901. (mehr von G-VOGE)
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G-VOGE The scene in the cockpit after an 11hr 45min flight from Narita as VS901. Nice to capture the tail camera screens, which can be clearly seen at either side of the flightdeck. Thanks to Virgin Atlantic once again for two fantastic flights! (mehr von G-VOGE)
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G-VSHY A very wide angle overview of Virgin's rather small but comfortable Premium Economy cabin. Taken while en route from LHR to NRT over Eastern Russia just after the sun had popped up from the horizon. I love this lens!... [Canon 300D, 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye] (mehr von G-VSHY)
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JA8957 Reversing on 34L. It was very nice to catch this very colourful bird while on our trip to Tokyo. (mehr von JA8957)
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G-VSHY A very wide angle shot of Virgin's Economy cabin. Photographed after taking (what seemed like) a five mile walk down to the rear of the aircraft :-P [Canon 300D, 15mm F/2.8 Fisheye] (mehr von G-VSHY)
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D-AIGN Taxiing past the Lufthansa Technik building, taken while out on the ramp tour. (mehr von D-AIGN)
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D-ABIU Early morning rush hour in Manchester. Lufty 737 is rushing down 24L while the Air France A320 is already lined up on and ready to go. On final is the Cathay Cargo 747 Freighter. Notice the rare snow on the hills in the background too. (mehr von D-ABIU)