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D-AGPS Arriving on Rwy 07, being operated by Germania on behalf of Air Berlin between August 2006 and February 2008. Became VH-NHP with Network Aviation and later QantasLink in Australia. (mehr von D-AGPS)
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F-GKHE About to land on Rwy 16. Initially delivered to Swissair as HB-IVK in 1992. Got scrapped upon withdrawal from use in 2011. (mehr von F-GKHE)
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141735 On display at Yanks Air Museum. This is one of 199 F-11F-1 Tigers built, redesignated F-11A in 1962. Intended as an upgrade for the F9F Cougar, the Tiger bore little design resemblance. It first flew on 30 July 1954 and was ordered for its supersonic performance. The F-11 started carrier operations in 1956 and was withdrawn by 1961, serving with seven USN squadrons. Delivered in 1957, this F-11 served with VF-21 "Mach Busters" in CVG-8, then with VT-23 "Professionals" and VT-26 "Tigers" till 1967. (mehr von 141735)
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N53612 On display at Planes of Fame Air Museum. This sailplane was built during World War II to train cargo glider pilots. It had a single wheel instead of a skid, and the fuselage had a steel-tube structure, weighing 475 lb empty. The USAAC placed an order for 75, followed by 75 more. These were given the designation TG-4A, but the flight characteristics were quite different to those of a cargo glider. After the war, these "L-K" gliders with a 23:1 glide ratio were used to promote civilian gliding, and some were modified to achieve higher airspeeds. (mehr von N53612)