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245 Once a part of E.C. 2 based at Dijon AB, then sold to Israel. Formed part of 109 Sqn. at Ramat David AB. Returned to Arm�e de l'Air in Feb. 1962 in exchange for an Ouragan. (mehr von 245)
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IA1329 The IAF's first "supersonic-in-a-dive" fighter on display at IAF Museum Palam. This recently restored Mystere has the striking emblem of No. 8 Sqn. "Eight Pursoot" on the port side. It also equipped No. 1 "Tigers", No. 3 "Cobras", No. 31 "Lions" and No. 32 "Thunderbirds" Sqn. In Sept. 1965, a Mystere flown by Sq Ldr AB Devayya was intercepted and fatally damaged near Sargodha by a PAF F-104 Starfighter, which in turn was shot down by the vastly outclassed Mystere. (mehr von IA1329)
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IA1012 This Mystere with an extra roundel on the front fuselage is to be found near a roundabout in Ghaziabad. The Mystère was inducted into No. 1 Sqn. “Tigers” in 1957, also equipping No. 3 “Cobras”, No. 8 “Eight Pursoots”, No. 31 “Lions” and No. 32 Sqn. “Thunderbirds”. Mystères participated in the 1961 Goa operation and wars of 1965 and 1971, till phased out in 1973. (mehr von IA1012)
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09 c/n 178. Exhibited at the Israeli Air Force Museum. (mehr von 09)