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48 (12-UA) c/n 48. Parked under the shadow of F-BPPA wing. (mehr von 48)
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21 (12-ZX) The Super Mystere B-2 was the final version of the Dassault Mystere fighter. Thanks to the introduction of a "sawtooth" wing leading edge, thinner more sharply swept wings and after-burning engine, the Super was the first European jet aircraft reaching the production fase, that could attain supersonic speed.
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48 (12-AU) c/n 48. The Dassault Super Mystere B2 (" super mystery " in Frenchman) was a monomotive cazabombardero to reaction made by the French company Dassault during the second half of the 50s. Colletion Musee Aeronautique a Toulouse Blagnac (mehr von 48)
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179 (12-YN) [Canon EOS 400D]. Owned by the Ailes Anciennes Armorique.