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CS-TRB is lining up the runway before spooling up the engines for a couple of seconds to maximize the thrust for departure from this short runway. SATA basically only needs their Q200 for its operation at this small airport. (mehr von CS-TRB)
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CS-TRC Note the condensation on the propeller tips. (mehr von CS-TRC)
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CS-TRC In the background, you can see the Corvo town, the only settlement on the island, which the airport is serving exclusively. (mehr von CS-TRC)


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CS-TRB enroute on SATA's longest milk run flight SP588 PDL-HOR-CVU-FLW and back. (mehr von CS-TRB)
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ANX-1230 former reg.: AMT-230; MTX-05. Built in 2001 (mehr von ANX-1230)
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