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Final 27 after an air to air shooting over the donau-ries.
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D-EEBT c/n CE-1479. ex N44LR. Beautiful F33 is taxiing to the hanger in evening light. New to the database. (mehr von D-EEBT)


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D-EMEO This is the first registered siai sf260wl in germany! Only 300 total hours since built in 1979. Arriving today at donauwoerth airport for some training flights. Plane is now based at augsburg airport. Note that this a ex gaddafi plane. The painting is from burundi air force. (mehr von D-EMEO)
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D-EWAI Thanks to the crew for taking the cockpit shot. (mehr von D-EWAI)
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D-EWAI Nice visitor this day. Shot taken with 10mm. (mehr von D-EWAI)
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D-ECEW Taxiing in after some touch and goes. Note the new painting. (mehr von D-ECEW)
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D-ECHG The beauty is ready to taxi for take off to Schwabach where the plane now is based. Best regards to the very friendly pilot who also performed a nice full power low fly-by after the take off! (mehr von D-ECHG)
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D-6388 Soaring is great - ASK-21 is beeing towed by a husky to the needed altitude for schwabach. (mehr von D-6388)
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D-EBRO New to the db. Taxiing back after 09 arrival. (mehr von D-EBRO)
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D-EANS 10mm wide angle view on this good looking mooney. Is now for resting for one month at the airport. (mehr von D-EANS)
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D-EALE Note the camera which is mounted below the wing. Plane is now based at Donauwoerth for aerial photography. Best regards to the very friendly pilot. Taxiing in after taking photos in the Donau-Ries area. (mehr von D-EALE)
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D-EGJY New to the db. What a good looking paint scheme! (mehr von D-EGJY)
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D-KEOA New to the whole web. (mehr von D-KEOA)
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